The Best Windows SOCKS5 Proxy Client

  • Use as you need, invalid IPs are not billed
  • Covering 100+ countries, 200 million+ IPs
  • Support country, city, and zip code

What is Vip72Proxy?

We provide the best SOCKS5 proxy solution for anybody who work on Craigslist, Badoo, PoF, posting ads, surveys, and so on. Check our major features, download out free software, watch the video tutorials, check our price calculator.

What do we Offer?


We provide static residential IPs with unlimited bandwidth
All our IPs are static and long lasting. All our IPs are residential from real live devices. We don't limit your usage, you can grab an IP and use it as much as you like.
All our IPs are clean and frequently updated
We update our IPs database constantly, and you can always select a new fresh IP. We have all major ISPs, like Comcast, Spectrum and Spectrum Business, Verizon, Charter, etc. We also check our IPs' cleanliness, you won't have to worry about getting banned because you got a blacklisted IP.
Fast connection, we don't have slow proxies
We provide the fast and reliable connection to our proxies. You can also check the connection speed in the app.


Our own powerful socksifier
We have our own in-house socksifier which works similar to Proxifier. You can use our app not only for our proxies, but also for any other SOCKS5 proxy service. Our Windows app allows you to separately socksify apps you need. You'll be able to configure profiles for fast work, and get a lot more with our app.
Check proxy against blacklists before taking it
You can check an IP address against blacklists, so you won't spend your proxy balance for a bad IP.
A convenient way to use SOCKS5
You'll see a proxy IP address and can sort proxies by speed, uptime, ISP, zip code, country, state, city.

Residential Agent IP from around the world

Country Flag
United Kingdom
810516 IPs
Country Flag
United States
803194 IPs
Country Flag
90320 IPs
Country Flag
88957 IPs
Country Flag
Saudi Arabia
57845 IPs
Country Flag
38803 IPs
Country Flag
38401 IPs
Country Flag
31062 IPs
Country Flag
30415 IPs

Package Pricing

Residential IP purity above 99%´╝îNo charge if the IP cannot be used

200 IPs
$0.20 /IP
Total $40
400 IPs
$0.17 /IP
Total $68
800 IPs
$0.14 /IP
Total $112
1500 IPs
$0.10 /IP
Total $150
2000 IPs
$0.08 /IP
Total $160

Frequently Asked Question

Residential proxies route the internet traffic through an intermediary server. This server changes the IP address of your connection request. Residential proxies differ from other kinds of proxies because they are connected to real mobile and desktop devices, which are used as the intermediaries for your connections.
  1. All purchased proxies balance in your account are valid for lifetime, no expiry date!
  2. Using 1 proxy costs 1 proxy balance and you can use from any country, or city without limit!
  3. 99% of our proxies are already checked and available so you don't waste any proxies balance!
No, we secure the traffic at the IP level. Traffic to websites originates at residential IP addresses that are not associated with your company or your location. All traffic is also encrypted. You are responsible to secure every other part of your system.